Network Support

Making sure your IT network support is delivered reliably will make for more efficient business performance. On the other hand, inferior network support will lead to a badly maintained network that will frustrate users with slow performance. Ultimately this will reduce productivity because you cannot communicate with the rest of the world. And these days, the same applies from increasingly complex home networks.

CBCSA offers proven IT network support throughout that provides enhanced network security, greater stability and more cost-effective network support. Our proactive approach will also ensure your network remains more available as well as keeping your environment up-to-date with upgrades and necessary patches.


  • Expert assistance and advice on both internal (local area network) and external (Internet etc.) network support
  • Peace of mind that your network remains reliable and secure
  • Better performance from your network and its users
  • Faster problem resolution with remote support services from expert network support technicians
  • Ability to plan for future improvement with expert advice
  • Save time and money on unexpected network problems

Network Cabling Services
Good networking support should also provide network cabling that is both top quality and well maintained. This will maximize network performance and improve the integrity of your data processing, whatever type of network you employ. This doesn’t just apply to cable networks; it’s important also as a backbone to wireless networks. With advanced expertise in setting up computer networks CBCSA is able to assist with network cabling throughout Cape Town, from initial advice on technical specs to routine and remedial maintenance.

Network Security Support
Network security support provides peace of mind that your valuable business systems and information remains protected from malicious attack or industrial espionage. As well as avoiding the destructive consequences of viruses, Corporate Business Consulting SA IT’s network support packages work to ensure you are protected from unscrupulous infiltration from hackers way before they find vulnerabilities on your network.
Make Corporate Business Consulting SA your Network Support Provider

Whether you have just two PCs or a distributed multi-server network, CBCSA offers a range of network support services already proven to maximise computing performance.