Green IT Audits

In the present scenario organisations are facing numerous challenges, issues and risks. One of the biggest one is the ‘Global Warming’. Environmental changes, depletion of natural resources, dependency on IT are forcing Green IT strategy to become a necessity. With data centres using 10-30 times more energy per square foot than office space, data centre energy use doubling every 5 years, and delayed capital investments in new power plants—energy efficiency is becoming a key metric of IT operational effectiveness. A flexible, secure, dynamic infrastructure has to be devised to help organisations address critical energy and power costs

CBCSA emphasises the role of methods and practices that reduce a company’s environmental impact. By Green IT Consulting and Audit offerings, Corporate Business Consulting SA can help your organisation to optimise your services, better manage risk, and resolve resource constraints-all while reducing overall energy costs by 15%-40%. Green IT advantage will enable and empower your organisation to meet all the Global warming related challenges and at the same time help you contribute back so even your organisation can participate and contribute to your environmental corporate responsibility.

Green IT Audit Objectives

Some of the benefits of obtaining Green IT are as follows:

  • Become Energy Efficient
  • Save Natural Resources
  • Optimize Process
  • Enhance Infrastructure
  • Reduce dependency on Natural Resources
  • Initiate Recycling Initiatives
  • Imbibe Environmental Corporate Responsibility Culture
  • Imbibe Green IT Culture
  • Ensure Continuous Improvement in Green IT posture
  • Realize Branding Goals

The green audit is divided into several phases:

  • An accurate inventory or mapping, of the company’s Information System
  • A qualitative analysis of material
  • An evaluation of computer security
  • A simple modeling of business processes related
  • A logical interpretation of information flows
  • An analysis of IT management information
  • An assessment of energy consumption related levels
  • A check of the existence of procedures and methods of organization
  • The determination means for improvement of IS
  • An editorial stage of drafting and issuing audit report
  • The presentation of conclusions

With the Corporate Business Consulting SA’s Green Audit, beyond the simple analysis of the current, we define “green” thresholds in order to determine, in addition to the traditional study of the Information System, what improvements should be considered in a sustainable development.